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Sometimes ‘good luck’ is cleverly disguised as ‘creative chutzpah’

Sometimes “good luck” is cleverly disguised as “creative chutzpah”. Below are a few takeaways from recent life lessons that tweaked my comfort zone. Enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to ask — you are one “yes” away from success and one “no” away from the truth.  People often compliment me on having “balls”.  Lovely.  I am that “kid” who always gets sent in to ask the parents for permission or the boss for a new water cooler. My favorite “ask” was the day I asked my way onto the “red carpet” at an awards show. (No, I did not sneak in.) Walking in next to people whose creativity and amazing talents I greatly admire, more than made up for any of the pain associated with the initial question.  What do you want to ask for today? A move to a new city? A promotion? A meeting with a mentor? Unless the question itself will bring you physical, emotional or economical harm, go ahead. If they say no, then you can quickly determine your next move — and your next ask.

“Work” your life, don’t wait to be in a “room” —  With so much information about everyone in our networks so readily available, it’s easy to walk into a room full of “friends”. While I strongly advocate “working a room before you get to a room” —- leave room (pun intended) for a few surprises — read: opportunities.  Recently, I was at an event where I knew ONE person of 50  —  and had NO advance way to create a “target list”.  I walked up to people there and simply said, “Hello, tonight, I am talking to strangers,” and asked them about themselves. (Only a couple walked away, which was the really amazing part.) I ended up with three new life-altering contacts.  Yes, I was “lucky”. Who are the “opportunities” you see very day? That woman in the elevator with the cool shoes? Your banker? A friend of a friend of a friend who recently went viral on YouTube? Go ahead. Say hello. Just don’t “poke” them please. That’s so IE6. 

Add value beyond cash —  You don’t need money, you just need to want to make a difference.  A local chapter of a professional organization did not have the funds to fly in a very talented speaker. A single mother of two, I could not simply volunteer to donate roundtrip airfare at a moment’s notice. However, I really wanted to help and, selfishly, I really wanted to hear this speaker. So, I offered my frequent flyer miles. The speaker flew in and spoke. She is now a trusted contact  and a deep source of inspiration. No cash to contribute? Give time, miles,  business skills, or babysitting a colleague needs to  launch her startup.  Use your “powers” (gifts, talents) for good!

Prepare for the fairytale ending — if you are going to the ball, bring a spare pair of glass slippers. Back to the awards show. The night before, a very special reception is held. I had asked to participate, even if it meant being a volunteer. (Good) I did not plan to attend because it was such a long shot. (Bad) I planned a quiet evening with friends instead. (Sweet)  Later, when checking calls, I hear the dreaded, “Where are you??,” from a frantic colleague. “I am waiting for you.”  Where was she? At the pre-awards shindig, of course. (Ouch)  When working on a project, do you work with the full expectation that you are going to win? Try it. Plan for it.  If you are wrong, you are likely to  end up with one heck of a good “second chance”.

I look forward to reading your “real life”  “creative chutzpah” tales.   

Bless you, @SisterMary