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The Joy of Failure

I gained 2 pounds since my last weigh in seven days ago. Previously this would be categorized as a #fail. An epic #fail given the amount of time, heart and money I have spent on my weight loss goal. However, what happens after we “fail” is just as important as the fact that we did, even more so. Today, approximately 127 seconds after stepping off the scale I was sitting in  a contraption reminiscent of medieval times pressing more weight than I had thought humanly possible without your uterus falling out between your legs and onto the gym floor. A short time after that, I listened to the counsel of a maniac (or angel) celverly disguised as a trainer who then had me push a 45-pound-weight-in-a-box “toy” down what seemed to be an 1000-foot-long hallway. And so on. I failed at continuing to lose weight. I failed at not gaining weight lost. But today, ultimately, the victory was mine. Today, faced with failure I did not stop to CONTINUE to fail. I went in the other direction. I listed and recognized some things that needed to change and moved on — literally.  It’s OK to fail. It’s not OK to give yourself permission to BE a failure.

Bless you, @SisterMary

SisterMary and Trainer Kenneth Yim in May 2011

SisterMary in December 2010 Posing for Pageant Photos