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July 8, 2011

Are pageants ‘worth it’ ? — Someone asked

by sistermaryblogs

Pageants can be costly, yes. (Learning to be a frugal pageant queen can be very valuable in life!) But to ask whether pageants are ‘worth it’ is to ask whether any hobby or sport is ‘worth it’. Whether you are talking about collecting figurines, little le…ague, golfing, basketweaving, or pageantry, there is value in participating in what fulfills you that goes beyond any dollar amount. Pageants can help you stretch beyond your comfort zone, help you work on your public speaking skills, foster performing talents, or beef up your community service resume. There are as many reasons to be in a pageant as there are contestants. Some pageants are more expensive than others. Some are free to participate, such as the Miss America Organization pageants. No one should invest more into anything than what you are either willing to ‘lose’ or what it is worth to you. That amount is personal. I have had children in pageants and have myself, as a plus-sized adult woman, participated in them. For the most part, the experience has been both positive and powerful and I am grateful to have been able to do so. I can’t wait until I am 59-1/2 so I can qualify for the Ms. Senior America Pageant. You don’t know how powerful you can be when you take a simple tiara and turn it into an inspiration for the world to savor.

Ms Senior America 2010

The Women of Ms. Senior America

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